Friday, 14 May 2010

The Professionals

TraviataJones points out to Bryn Terfel just where he's going wrong

After consulting my consultants I've decided after consultation to move the Twitter updates section from Woolly Warm Wednesday to the vacant Foopdy Fabdy Friday slot.

Tweetily speaking it's been a busy week for the JonesMole gang. MeisterMole has been handily tweeting the existence of WNO's Flickr page where you can see various props for the forthcoming DMvN, including the set of vibrant lyre strumming Han Soloesque figures below. Other highlights include a peek at a Meistersinger medallion and wallpaper that has no place on walls but which company members want the pattern of made into waistcoats. See for yourself if even Derek Zoolander would balk at the idea.

Photo tea leafed from here

Among MeisterMole's tweets there was the worrying Big excitement as cast try out some of Act One on main stage. Bryn and fellow Meisters are also racing to grow their beards. Worrying why? The ten year-old child that isn't so latent in me has been imagining Terfel and co walking around with manure chin packs kept in place by Tesco Finest cling film. Perhaps it's my thoughts that are worrying.

Most enjoyable of all the Mole's burrowings are the audio boos from rehearsals. Among those booing are Christopher Purves (Beckmesser) and Andrew Tortise (David). But my personal highlight is the appearance of TraviataJones who gives an interesting insight into her work. Including a Pavlovian Dog analogy to her response to music. I like my opera, but I think I would tremble if ever these words came from my mouth I'm not quite sure what it's going to be like having a five-hour Wagner in my head.

For TJ there are a few perks to her job, Wow I get paid to sit and listen to Bryn Terfel sing all day long... How lucky am I?! I'll refrain from swearing a reply. But that isn't all - Can't. Stop. Eating. Sweets that Bryn bought us yesterday. Yum yum! I would suggest though that if Bryn's wearing his manure pack people may want to save them until later. Or give them to someone you don't like.

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