Monday, 24 May 2010

Citizen Terfel?

There follows a news flash

A quick recap for those sharing my love of laziness when it comes to scrolling through meandering posts (welcome to Meanderville!) – in addition to being interviewed by WNO for the upcoming DMvN Bryn Terfel last week agreed to answer the best question submitted by the public. After a week of intense speculation the winning entry was...(imagine a drum roll now, or if you want to be more active in this post tap your fingers on your keyboard like a crazy jazz cat jamming with Jools Holland – but only if you aren't doing your banking online of course)...(crazy jazz cat it some more daddyo!)...(oh yeah...take it to the bridge)...(hit me some more!)...

As the man who employs me to type his waffle-laden posts, while only feeding me over ripe bruised bananas, carries on indulging his ludicrous fantasies of musical talent I'll continue with his post and ignore his prattling.

And the winner is...everybody! Bryn Terfel took the time to answer all the questions sent in after rehearsals on Wednesday and interesting listening they make too. If you want to know about the chances of his recording Winterreise one day, the best mangling of his name or which operatic language he feels most at home in I suggest you pop over to MeisterMole's audio boo page. There's even a foray into Match of the Day territory.

One interesting response was that the role he would most like to perform hasn't been written yet – Charles Foster Kane of Citizen Kane fame. Being partial to Orson Welles films I found this a very intriguing answer, and hopefully someone will take up the challenge, as it's a role that this underpaid employee thinks that Bryn Terfel would excel in.

Although the owner of this blog is too distracted at the moment to say so (he now thinks he's the reincarnation of Louis Armstrong but is dap-dap-dapping like an asthmatic frog to tell the truth), his poorly fed employee thinks it was very generous of Bryn Terfel to answer the questions after a long day of rehearsals.

Oh, he's finished his burst of singing now. I'll return you to planet HairMan now…

And one last thing crazy jazz cats – apologies to the fans of Cardiff City and Bayern Munich for my support over the weekend. I've had a rancid run of sporting form so far this year and I should have kept schtum, or supported the opposing teams. But Basso did come up trumps on the Zoncolan, okay, it was a day after he'd lost time on Monte Grappa but...I've just been told by my lowly assistant that this is an opera blog. I suppose he's right for once...

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