Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Professionals

Die hunky trio are shocked at the size of WNO's Red Bull stash

It's Woolly Warm Wednesday – which means it's time for the weekly organic fruit & veg delivery! Oh, and of course it's Twitter update day. Anyone fancy some broccoli?

The JonesMole gang have announced that Elvis is in the building, or some bloke by the name of Bryn "Rock-A-Hula-Baby" Terfel. Also in residence are the other principal singers; Christopher "All Shook Up" Purves [Beckmesser], Raymond "Jailhouse Rock" Very [Walther], Amanda "Release Me" Roocroft [Eva], Andrew "Suspicious Minds" Tortise [David], Anna "Hard Headed Woman" Burford [Magdalena] and Brindley "Big Boss Man" Sherrat [Veit Pogner].

While the principals compare sequined jump suits and rehearse Act I The Best Chorus in Opera™ have been beefed up from 40 to 80 and are making their way through Act II – apparently they're loud because TraviataJones is wearing a T-Shirt telling them to be quiet. However, a shortage of jump suits means that a scheduled Guinness World record attempt for the largest number of Elvis singing Wagnerians to fit inside a mini-bus driven by a man called Horse has had to be put on ice.

If Simon Schama or Sister Wendy Beckett are reading this then your help is needed. MeisterMole is trying to track down an Albrecht Dürer painting of David of David and Goliath fame as mentioned by Eva in Act I Scene I. The older ZZ Top King David has been found – it's the younger version that's escaping the Mole. Answers on a tweet sized postcard please.

Further art related news is the exciting archaeological discovery by TraviataJones of an authentic Meistersinger marking board. Despite claims of historical misrepresentation from his descendents it seems that Beckmesser was indeed a grumpy pants marker.

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