Monday, 17 May 2010

Ask Bryn about his pants

Calvin Klein or M&S?

Yes, you did read the post headline correctly. MeisterMole has tweeted the news that Bryn Terfel will be answering the best tweeted question after Wednesday's rehearsals. So if you want to ask Bryn about his pants you're welcome to try. If you want to know something else, perhaps his vest or socks situation you may stand a better chance of getting a reply.

Personally I think something opera related would be a safer bet - maybe even something about Meistersinger? You can either tweet your questions to @MeisterMole - or #askbryn. Remember - you only have until Wednesday. And hands of Bryn's pants - that question's mine.

***** Update *****

A bit more (coherent) information for you all, including an extra way to get in touch with Bryn's Inquisitors as nabbed from a WNO Facebook message...

"This Wednesday, Bryn Terfel will be interviewed for during rehearsals from Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg.

Is there a question you would like to ask him? Send your suggested questions to Bryn will be asked the best question suggested."


  1. soo, which one did they read? what did he answer???

  2. Non lo so - the world will have to wait and see...I should have asked the pants question though, it was so professional and insightful...

  3. ...yes, the pants question - that would have been a sure thing of a question...

  4. i bet the answer would have been professional and insightful as well ;-)))