Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Calling all beards!

If you ever mislay the Christmas tree...

You may lack the ability to hold a tune, command the stage or knock up a pair of kitten heels in an afternoon but if you own a beard, and a few good years, you might just get a facsimile of your visage on stage for DMvN.

WNO have put the call out for men who are slightly more mature...preferably with a beard to have their picture taken for the Act 1 portrait gallery in Meistersinger. Follow the blue bricked road for more details including contact information.

But you'll have to hurry – the photo shoot is to take place tomorrow at the Wales Millennium Centre.


If email isn't your thing you can simply pick up the telephone and give the WNO a ring on their Bearded Mature Man Hotline - 029 2063 5000 - but remember that tomorrow, the 27th of May, is the day when the snapping takes place.


  1. upsy.. Jonas is having a bland idea moment or what??? In last year's Lohengrin we have pictures of the missing Else-brother all over the theater.. is he recycling the idea???? I throughly tried to ignore so far that i will have to sit through 6h worth of a Jonas production... humph!!! better focus on the music and not think too much of how he screwed up that lohengrin... I knew there had to be a downside to that heavenly weekend...

  2. Having not seen Jones' Lohengrin yet (waiting on Amazon to come up with the goods) I'll have to say "no comment" at the moment. What I can say is that the productions I've seen of his in the last year or so (The Queen of Spades, L'Heure Espagnole / Gianni Schicchi) left me more than satisfied. The Queen of Spades in particular was a great success and was up there with the JDD Barbiere as my one of my favourite opera moments of last year.

  3. By the way - how's the libretto coming on?

  4. I liked his Gambler :-) But i didn't feel his love of Wagner in Munich, more his tendency of mockery of Wagner, not sure i would like that to be mi first Meister.. but we shall see, i'll keep and open mind.

    And you are evil.... i will respond that last nigth at 4,30 i was finishing up a report :-) But hey there is a whole day bankholiday coming up, i need to get a recording and i'll hole up and do my home work :-)

  5. Me, evil? Surely not...puppies and buttercups are what make my days shining and bright!

    The only mockery I'm sensing where Wagner is concerned at the moment is with Amazon - ordered Lohengrin last Saturday and it still hasn't arrived...

    But judging by the vibes emanating from rehearsals I think you'll be pleased you were ripped off by First Great Western ;)

  6. are you going to one ? rehearsal i mean??? come'on, dish the dirt!!! ;-)))

  7. If I was running rehearsals I think the last person I'd want near the stage would be a blogger, especially one with my unsurpassed comprehensive lack of musical know-how. So the answer, to everyone's relief is, nope :)