Sunday, 10 April 2011

Keep on Running

I believe that marathons are best eaten, not run, but apparently some people disagree with me on this matter and next Sunday they'll be taking to the streets of London in a televised example of communal masochism. Some will be running to win (cue Brendan Foster’s Lament of the Disappearing British Distance Runner, coupled with his attempt to break the Guinness record for most frequent use of the name Paula within two and a half hours), some will be fulfilling a lifetime's ambition, a few will be wanting to resurrect their careers (celebrity, not sporting) and others because they fancy running around dressed as a pantomime horse.

Oh, and then there will be those running for causes great and great. Among this last category will be two masochists currently working with WNO...

Running to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society will be WNO's own Katie Heath-Jones. Stage managery creature by day, her backstage navigational skills will come in useful during the inevitable carnage caused by a celebrity interview about a pulled calf muscle (circa) 200 meters into the race. To sponsor the Mesotronic Managing Marauder KH-J click here.

Running for children’s charity, Sparks, is WNO’s current Eisenstein, Mark Stone. There’s no word yet as to whether he will continuously sing Largo al factotum from start to finish, substituting Figaro with Paula in an attempt to take on Brendan Foster, but you never know. To sponsor the Sizzling Sussex Speedfreak MS click here.

If you’re still reading this then I guess there’s a part of you saying I'll be tucked up in bed next Sunday morning, and then there will be another part of you saying shall I sponsor one of them? How about both? Okay, so that's me pretending to be you (badly), but now I've planted the (un)subliminal thought you may find yourself clicking one of the above links before the week is out...before the week is out...before the week is out...

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