Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"I'll tell you exactly what happened..."

We've all been there, trying to explain to a friend what happens in the Ring, or even just Die Walküre, and realising after half an hour all you've managed to get across is No, that was Apocalypse Now, not Tropical Thunder...uhm, Tropic Thunder.

Yes, opera plots are confusing, barmy, bizarre, idiotic things - in this way they mirror life more than we'd care to admit. But perhaps they're not as confusing as we make them out to be - in this way they make anything I've written with a philosophising slant in the previous sentence a little pile of ramblage.

Perhaps you can cut to the chase of a plot in less time than you think you can (a bit like me with this post). Maybe you can do it with 140 characters, or even less. The third edition of The Omniscient Mussell’s Twitter based #operaplot competition / festival is (already) up and running with the competition due to end on the 15th. Yes, I know, I've been late with this post.

There are a multitude of goodies on offer, and this year WNO have joined in zee fun and are offering two tickets for any production from their 2011 / 12 season for the best #operaplot tweet in the WNO touring region. The FAQ's of the competition can be found here, and for a little more on the competition here’s this year's judge Eric Owens...

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