Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lothar Koenigs Talks to Culture Critic


Ahead of WNO's season opening Fidelio Lothar Koenigs chatted to Culture Critic about WNO's new season, his interest in Der Blaue Reiter art movement and a (possible please be true) hint at WNO's next venture into Wagner.

You can read the article there.


  1. neaaat!1 at least he seems to like it there and meaning to stay a while gooodd! and i want to come see Fledermausss!1 I looveeee it!! It was THE thing to do an new year's eve :-) And i will listen to Ariadne, maybe i can even catch up on day with it, need to check out tour ;-)

    And i can see you starting your 10 year begging process for Bayreuth :-p you wagnerian you!

  2. Here's the link to AaN's performance schedule:

    And here's the performance schedule for Die Bat

    As for starting my 10 year Bayreuth process....I'm still not sure. I've been surprised by how much I've taken to Wagner, but I get the feeling Bayreuth wouldn't be for me.

    I love the operas (most of them anyway), and they exude a magical hold over me when they are performed by people who know what they are doing, but from what I've seen from documentaries and read in various articles / blogs I would probably feel like a fish out of water.

    I enjoy my music, and all that it brings to me - but I can't pay homage to it as many people seem to do at Bayreuth. I understand why people are drawn to the place, but I've never felt the need to have the perfect experience of anything. I like my experiences to be living, not enshrined. I hope this makes sense...

    And then there are the seats. How hard are they? I'd be looking to take a duvet, not a pillow.