Thursday, 2 September 2010

He Would Have? Wouldn't He?

Just another seventeen points and I can get to bed tonight

I like to think that Mozart would have enjoyed WNO's Papageno Game. I can imagine him with a glass of wine to one side and his powdered wig upturned, on the other, housing a collection of Viennese nibbles keeping the rumbles at bay while he spent hour after hour sending Mini-Papa rushing across the screen with the recitative going something like this:

Run! Run! Oh don't catch the umbrella! Don't! Don't you dare...Oh you bloody idiot!!! Do that again and I'll feed you to a giant snake...Right! That it! Thaaaaaat's it!! I've had enough. Where's Mayor Wilkins?

Or this is what I thought at 2.04 am this morning by way of false reassurance that I was not in danger of joining the cast of The King of Kong. If you think I'm talking baloney then I suggest you try it out for yourself. As for me I'm hanging up my net...when I crack 100. Pass my wig, it's going to be a long night.

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