Monday, 12 July 2010

Once More With Feeling...

And so WNO's Die Meistersinger has its final outing at the BBC Proms this coming Saturday (17th of July). After months of living and breathing Nürnberg the cast and crew must by now have delusions of shoemaking – a shame then that it appears as though my premonitions of S4C filming the production were about as close to the mark as a Wile E. Coyote piano drop. Having caught the Saturday WMC performances I spied nothing beginning with TV Camera – and I've heard no rumours from midweek performances so my optimism has been downgraded to Wild E. Speculation. I'm hoping I will be proved wrong, but my feeling is that the boat has been missed and the horse is on board.

But...there is an opportunity to catch the last performance of the run at the Proms. If you're in the vicinity of the Albert Hall you can always test your standing power by truly proming it with a standing ticket. If listening is more your thing BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting it live from 4pm. Meanwhile for those of you who prefer to see the beard on Hans Sachs BBC Four is beaming a delayed broadcast to your televisions at 7pm with guest presenter Stephen Fry joining Charles Hazlewood. Sadly for those of you who live outside the UK the TV broadcast will not be available on the BBC website – although the radio broadcast should be available via the i-Player in addition to the live transmission.

For another blogger's (ever so slightly more educated) take on Meistersinger you can pop on over to Intermezzo who caught one of the Birmingham performances. Unlike Mr Lazy, hairs truly, Intermezzo also carries a camera so you can ooh and ahh at the cast.

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