Friday, 23 July 2010

Meistersinger Quiz - The Answers...

How many did you get?

It was the question(s) that had audiences in Cardiff and Birmingham rattling their brains, Googling their fingers or merely making up names. Who were those people on the front cloth? Well, you need not worry anymore for I, Hair Man at the Opera, can now proudly lay claim to knowing all the answers! It took me a while, but after burning the midnight oil until dawn took hold of the clock I eventually cracked the quiz.

I'm lying. I managed roughly fifteen names; one of whom turned out not to be Karl Marx but Johannes Brahms. I blame my ignorance on the beard. For the full list and a handy names by numbers PDF download head on over to WNO's website.

Just look at the beard and don't tell me you weren't thinking Karl Marx as well...please?

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