Friday, 11 June 2010

The Professionals

Fingers O'Steel, that well-known piano player for hire, was in town this week as Meistersinger rehearsals went to DEFCON 3. TraviataJones, on her 20th cup of coffee early on Wednesday afternoon tweeted, So we are in Act One of our first full piano dress rehearsal. It's gonna be a marathon!!

Elsewhere the Mole has been covering his back after he forgot to buy a birthday card, Will the entire chorus sing happy birthday to director Richard Jones (and can they manage a second verse for Tom Jones) – I hope he remembers that Christmas is coming in a few months time or else the Orchestra of WNO may get roped in as well.

Illustrator Jane Webster's sketches caught the Mole's eye again, Pic of Amanda Roocroft (as Eva) in her dressing room minutes before the stage and piano rehearsal. Pop over to WNO3's Flickr page and you'll see the rest of her sketches.

The Mole's tweet that most caught my eye was, Bryn Terfel says DieMeist conductor Lothar Koenigs "reminds me of one of the conductors I most admire ... Claudio Abbado." Now that's a compliment.

Last tweet of this post though belongs to WNO for the Pythonesque, From DieMeist rehearsals: "Ladies and gentleman of the chorus could you please change into the correct footwear for the riot."

(Note to self – never turn back on WNO's chorus)

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