Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Missy Elliott and the HairMan invite you to get Ur Freak On!


With little over a week until the curtain goes up on WNO's Meistersinger I thought I'd share a few of the numbers I'm looking forward to hearing.

First up is the mighty prelude - usually clocking in at over nine minutes let yourself be swept along by the sheer energy of the piece and be prepared for goosebumps as it arrives at dénouement city. Playing for your ears are Georg Solti and the Boys not from Brazil but the Vienna Phil.

Next up is David explaining to Walther the slightly long set of rules included in Meistersinger open mic nights. Those in the biz would more than likely refer to it as the bit that begins with Der Meister Ton' und Weisen. Doing the teaching is Peter Schreier (David) and doing the Homer Simpson stare is Rene Kollo (Walther).

Karl Ridderbusch takes up the role of Veit Pogner next and lets everyone in on the prize of the next singing contest. His daughter. You just wonder what happened to the rest of his family - bartered for a brand new wheel and a ladle? Anyway, here's Das schone Fest, Johannistag.

Although he may be booed at the end of the performance I've come to like Beckmesser quite a bit. Here's local boy Geraint Evans reluctantly agreeing to do his duty as the marker for Walther's oral exam (Ein saures Amt, und heut’ zumal).

Can he do it? Can Walther get into the gang? Judge for yourself as Waldemar Kmentt belts out So rief der Lenz in den Wald in a live Bayreuth performance.

So there's my own highlight reel from Act I. If the prelude got you hot to trot for Solti and the Viennese boys you can catch them here. If you're interested in hearing more from the Schreier / Kollo / Ridderbusch / Evans recording you'll find more details here, although it is tricky to get hold of. To see how Kmentt gets on with his exams you'll find more about the recording here.

Now Get Ur Freak On!

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