Monday, 21 September 2009

From a King to beans - WNO in the news

Photo Regina F. Silva

It says a lot about Lothar Koenigs' attitude towards self promotion that whereas many people taking over a new company would have chosen more crowd pleasing fare to introduce themselves to the public he has gone against any spin doctor's advice (if the WNO have such a figure) and decided on Berg's Wozzeck as the opening to his tenure as WNO music director. In a recent interview with the Telegraph's Rupert Christiansen we get to hear from the man himself. I especially like Koenigs' closing lines, which point towards a fruitful future for music making at the WNO, “I don’t want to educate people, not at all. My only ambition is to show them the beauty of the music.”

A week from now Christopher Purves will have gone mad, but don't blame the beans. Set to reprise the role that in 2005 (kind of) made his name he spoke recently to (I assume) Emma Pomfret of The Times following a rehearsal of Wozzeck. If you'd like to hear more about his past (Um Bongo), his present (baked beans) and his future (Schubert’s Schwanengesang) then pop on over to The Times Online.

And a big thank you to Regina F. Silva of for permission in using the photograph of Barako Coffee's King Beans Coffee!

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