Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wave your daffs in the air like you don't care!

Calm down Wordsworth, calm down...photo

It's that time of year when Welsh people feel the urge to wear flowers and vegetables on their clothes. I myself am wearing a genetically modified creation called a Daffeek, which is the brainchild of Professor Jones app Afal. Apart from wearing garden produce we also like to sing, sometimes in Blackadder's roaming packs, sometimes in single formation.

For the sake of the following singers I have decided not to include my deeply praised rendition of O sole mio (widely considered to be the definitive performance). Instead I shall let you feast your ears on messrs and miss'ssss Evans, Jones, Evans, Terfel and Manics.

Geraint Evans sings Mahler

Gwyneth Jones
sings Beethoven

Anne Evans sings Wagner

Bryn Terfel singsPuccini

Manics sing Manics (operatic in its emotional string pulling)

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