Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Professionals*

Die Hunky Trio von Cardiff

While I rambled on about Roy Keane and CD's the people who are actually involved in DMvN just got on with things. MeisterMole tweeted the epic journey taken by Ran Braun, WNO's Staff Director for Sachs & Co who was grounded by the lnocvao with the Countdown conundrum name. Instead of sitting at home, Ran went all Aragorn and travelled through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Belgium by car, hopped on to a train to Calais, caught a ferry to Dover and road the rails in time to reach Cardiff for the start of rehearsals on Monday morning at 10.30am.

Meanwhile TraviataJones has been tweeting about the same rehearsals that began on Monday morning – but before she could turn her attention fully to DMvN she trekked off to Bristol for the final Seraglio of WNO's tour, where the volcano had struck once more by waylaying Wynne Evans (Pedrillo) in South Africa, where he was filming a new ad for Go Compare. Performers have been accused of telephoning in performances on quite a few occasions…but unfortunately not on this one, because he would have needed to share the line with some of his colleagues. Petros Magoulas (Osmin) and conductor Rinaldo Alessandrini were downed in Greece and New York respectively. Surely one of them could have knocked up a raft out of lollipop sticks and picked the other two up in time? That's what Ran would have done.

But I'm rambling again - back to DMvN!

The sets have begun to roll out from their top secret location and Hans Sachs' pad has been described as huuuuge! by TraviataJones – after the Team Jones productions I've seen in the past year (and the one I frustratingly missed) I'm getting the same excited feeling I had before Christmas 1982 when a mini snooker table was in the offing.

Before I don my leather breeches and head out to play LOTR rpg with six foot hobbits MeisterMole also tweeted that more seats had become available for the Millennium Centre run of DMvN - if you haven't yet bought your ticket why not pop over to the WMC's website?

* And in case you don't know who die hunky trio are, follow this ooh die hunky trio link!

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