Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sweeping it under the carpet

There are times when I think to myself, "You know HairMan, I wouldn't mind seeing that again." No, not the reflection of my hair in my thrice hourly polished mirror, but certain productions that grab me by the seat of my pants. One such production was the 2007 WNO co-co-co-co production of La Cenerentola that wasn't to everyone's taste, but which I thought mirrored the fun nature of the work. Anyway, by the magic of DVD my hair can enjoy it once more. The slight difference being a different cast involved with Juan Diego Florez and Joyce Di Donato leading the way.

Of course there'll be people saying out there that this doesn't technically qualify as the same production I saw, which I'll acknowledge with a "Yes, you are sort of correct." On the other hand I liked the comic book setting so much that I'm willing to put up with the second string cast on this DVD...

[Stand up for WNO moment here - the cast I saw led by Colin Bell* and Marianna Pizzolato were worth combing my hair for]

One slight quibble with the DVD is that the recording is overly tipped in favour of the singers and the orchestra seems to be playing backstage while drinking sangria (apologies for lame stereotypying segue into the fact that this was shot in Barcelona).

* This, of course, should have read Colin Lee - but while writing this up I was listening to Erasure...

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