Friday, 5 June 2009

Welcome to the operatic hair salon

Hello to anyone who has fallen on this blog.

And apologies for those people looking for a hairdresser.

I will, before long, begin work on this blog, but first of all a quick run down of who I am, and what it is that this non-hair blog is all about...

I was born on - okay, I won't begin at the beginning.

I'm a man with hair who likes opera and classical music (among other forms of music). My main stomping ground is Welsh National Opera, although I do travel to Covent Garden and mainland Europe to catch certain singers strutting their hairdos.

I'll admit straight away that I have no musical training whatsoever, and will probably insult the intelligence of many people during the writing of this blog - but please keep in mind that I'm not a blogger who prefers to tear down productions for the sake of it, but rather I'm a bloke who hopes to share / impose (take your pick) my thoughts on performances I'll be seeing.

So be prepared for the crap use of musical terms, the invention of many new musical terms and the generally rambling, amateurish nature of my reviews.

First up - Mitridate, re di Ponto!

...please note, I may be a day or two in blogging my thoughts on the performance.

...okay, make this a week as the Cardiff Singer of the World competition is about to start and, well, I've got work to do as well...

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